Industrial(OT) Cyber Security

Attacks on Industrial and Cyber Physical Systems

Cyber criminals can attack industrial facilities that include— Critical infrastructures such as power generation, transmission & distribution, water utilities, mass transit systems and manufacturing for various purposes, e.g. to develop future attacks anticipated to sabotage the facility or to steal large scale investments intellectual property & exponential technologies. In addition, cyber criminals can intentionally compromise human & environmental safety, trigger an attack to a different location, initiate misunderstanding and panic between citizens, obtain financial revenue for a criminal organization, and cause major market fluxes and advantages for particular market companies.

The frequency and sophistication of cyber-threats towards Industrial Control Systems (ICS) continues to increase. This reality, coupled with the increased inter connectivity of ICS and enterprise networks and the utilization of standard system platforms and operating systems, has raised the potential risk to both the security and safety of critical infrastructure . Depending on the objectives and goals of the attack, the malicious attacker will use various system weaknesses to conduct cyber attacks.


Unauthorized Access to Data

  • By taking advantage of malicious or untrained Staff Member
  • Taking advantage of less attentive staff and gathering data through Phishing or Spear Phishing


Interception & Modification of Data, Software, Hardware, etc

  • Viruses, Worms, and Trojan horses, code that might destroy, expose, or capture data
  • Stealing remote systems that may provide access to information or OT Systems


Blockage of Data Transmission Lines and/or Shutdown of Systems

  • Fire, flood, and earthquakes resulting in electrical outages and hardware failures
  • DOS or DDOS attacks


Breach of Data Communications Systems, SCADA, PLC, etc

  • Theft of maintenance computers or unauthorized access to server rooms, file cabinets or offices
  • Compromise systems exposed on a public network or trying to spoof remote systems

Cyber Security Attacks on Industrial Facilities in Last Decade at a Glance

Industrial Cyber Security is Different

OT or Industrial Control System (ICS) networks increasingly use the same type of technologies as used on IT networks, and are therefore increasingly vulnerable to same type of attacks as on IT networks, while these networks are designed by keeping ICS functioning in mind that differ markedly from IT security designs.

We can't expect that architecture and design intended to protect information in IT systems can also address specific requirements of cyber physical systems used in industrial facilities.

CyberGen’s mission is to transform how industries protect physical assets and industrial automation processes from cyber-attacks.

Manufacturing systems and process automation systems – collectively referred to as Industrial Control Systems (ICS) – are used in almost all infrastructures handling physical processes. Industrial Control Systems are widely used in energy generation and distribution, gas and water supply, and state-of - the-art facility management systems. These ICSs are increasingly exposed to the similar or advance cyber threats as traditional IT systems. Because of increase in cyber threats on industrial systems and the newly identified vulnerabilities, asset owners need to tackle these problems urgently. Therefore, the threats and potentials of un targeted malware and high-quality complex targeted attacks against ICS infrastructures must be addressed. This applies to OT infrastructure linked directly to Internet and infrastructures that can be targeted by cyber-attacks indirectly.

How CyberGen can assist you secure your Industrial Systems?

With expertise on design, build and integration of complex inter-connected industrial systems and secure communications, CyberGen consultants will help you protect, detect and respond to cyber-attacks ensuring your industrial establishment is RESILIENT from INSIDE and OUTSIDE. CyberGen enables Industrial Customers to build and execute a dynamic Cyber Security Program for Identifying and Securing their Industrial Control Systems (ICS) & Operation Technology (OT) against potential cyber security threats and outages caused by internal or external factors.

CyberGen’s unique expertise-led approach is driven by,

  • In-depth Industrial and OT functional knowledge
  • Regulatory & Compliance Knowledge of Industrial Systems
  • Partnership-led solutions
  • Cyber security Architecture expertise

CyberGen Services and Solutions for Industrial Customers

CyberGen recommend a “Defense-in-Depth” approach to cybersecurity for our industrial customers. Defense-in-Depth is a hybrid, multi-layered security strategy that provides holistic security throughout an industrial enterprise and is expected to become a security standard in factories of the future.

We do this by implementing our Cyber Security Portfolio Lifecycle Methodology which is designed to support your business sustainability efforts and provide peace of mind across your entire operations.

CyberGen offers a "Defense-in-Depth" approach to cybersecurity for our Industrial Customers. Defense-in-Depth is a hybrid, multi-layered security approach that provides integrated defense across an industrial enterprise and is projected to become a safety standard in future factories.

We do so by applying our Industrial Cyber Security Lifecycle Methodology of ADVICE > TRANSFORM > MANAGE to deliver risk-resilience. Our methodology is structured to help your sustainability efforts and provide peace of mind across your industrial operations.

  • Cyber Security Assessments & Maturity
  • Industrial Asset Discovery & Management
  • Vulnerability & Patch Management
  • IT/OT Convergence
  • Secure Remote Access
  • Managed Security Services
Cyber Security Assessments & Maturity

Our Industrial Cyber Security assessments include a risk analysis of your Plant OT network and cyber security posture of your infrastructure. Our risk-based approach is based on what people, process, and technology measures you have in place and we define a roadmap for you to implement to continually build cyber resilience and reduce risk. CyberGen’s Cyber Assessment include Physical Access Review of your perimeter and respective monitoring that exist to safe guard your industrial operation.

Industrial Asset Discovery & Management

An effective Industrial Cyber Security Program requires comprehensive identification and mapping of all ICS/OT assets, connections, ports and other network devices they are associated or connected with. Our service include—

  • Manual/Automated Asset Discovery & Management
  • Asset Management Processes and Procedure: Joiner, Mover and Leavers
  • Automated Asset Management Tools deployment
  • Periodic Asset Inventory Data Review
Vulnerability & Patch Management

CyberGen’s Industrial Vulnerability & Patch Management service include - Discovery, Evaluation, Testing and qualification of newly released patches and signatures by your OEMs. Our industrial cyber security experts will be responsible to identify, restrict and coordinate potential IACS conflicts before deploying a package to in scope device at site. We will make sure to have a mitigation plan documented and approved for the required regulatory or statutory requirements.

IT/OT Convergence

CyberGen assist you to converge best of both IT & OT environments in a box and make sure your industrial systems have cyber care they need. We offer –

  • Design Cyber Security Runbooks and Response Procedures for Industrial Systems
  • Network Segregation
  • Design User Access , System & Security controls
  • Application Whitelisting
Secure Remote Access

We provide this service to customers who desire a single secure solution for all remote connectivity, may it with their vendors or contract workers at their sites. Our approach is simple and vendor agnostic, we look at your specific site and regulatory requirements and your supplier capabilities and suggest you a solution that works best for you.

Managed Security Services

Choose from CyberGen’s managed cyber security services to secure OT/IACS devices in your Industrial facilities.

  • Cyber and Network Security Device Management Network Segregation
  • Cyber Security Incident Monitoring & Triage Management
  • Penetration Testing