Cyber Security Metrics and KPI Development

Cyber Security Metrics and KPI Development

Today’s top executives including board members of organizations increasingly recognize that a cyberattack could cripple their operations and may result in millions of dollars in lost business and reputational damage as well as cleanup costs. Maturity models are effective tools to improve an organization’s cybersecurity capabilities and respective outcomes.

For an enterprise, key is the selection of a model or models and how they are going to use it. It is important that your team responsible for cybersecurity, understands the cybersecurity maturity model concepts available, and examines them with their recent examples/ experiences in cybersecurity/ resilience domains. It is paramount to choose the right model for the specific needs of your business and the vertical that you operate in.

Senior executives in mainstream organizations fail in giving hard data when evaluating their efforts to measure their cybersecurity investments and performance against best practices. Most organizations are doing cybersecurity investments to meet compliance and many of their security metrics/respective KPI’s are channeled towards that. They are not looking at this from a business impact perspective. Business users are often missed while decisions of cybersecurity purchases are made. It is also common to not have a steering committee to estimate the business impact and risks associated with cybersecurity investments.

Defining Cyber Security Metrics and KPIs sums to carrying out a self-analysis and taking proactive measures from continuous network monitoring and identifying any breaches and responding to any cyber risk. Developing the right security Metrics and KPIs will ensure safeguarding of acute in-house information, network infrastructure, resources, clients and collaborators. Cybersecurity Metrics and KPIs also gives a spot-on picture of your cybersecurity focus areas, investments and respective performance to senior leadership.

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Defining and implementing cybersecurity metrics or KPI dashboard is a challenging mission. Difficulties commonly found on the way include selecting the dashboard elements that will support decision-making, unforeseen impacts on operational and tactical processes, and complex data sources – sometimes dependent on your service providers, third parties, OEMs and your teams located in different geographies.

CyberGen offers a strategic and phased approach to develop a cybersecurity metrics and KPIs that are relevant to your businesses’ respective requirements. Our phased approach enables your leadership with optimal management of investments and creating situational cognizance of the target audience.

Metrics/ KPI dashboard are developed in two phases to keep the whole process transparent and easier for the participants: first the reporting of essentials & prototypes are defined, and then the dashboard is automated and embedded in the defined processes.

Our final product of effective cybersecurity metrics and KPI will be a simple loop ,loop,but to deliver and effectively embed a reliable cybersecurity dashboard requires skills and experience in many fields, during each of the phases. A strategic approach in defining the cybersecurity dashboard helps your business steer on key focus areas, create situational awareness, standardize your reporting practices, align cybersecurity with your business units and improve your control and visibility over cybersecurity efforts. Reach out to us today to understand how CyberGen can simplify your cybersecurity reporting.